Las Vegas Lake Meade
NEW Process:
  • We use:
  • natural mineral salt  
  • 3.5MOH* instead of
  • glass beads 6-7MOH*.
  • Since it is softer our
    media never damages
    the surface.
  • It cost us more, but we
    feel the results are worth
  • We conserve water by
    lowering the level just  
    below the tile line.
  • We can work in empty
  • We use a power washer
    with an injection nozzle.
  • The water and media
    remove the calcium and
    polish the tile.
  • We rinse any debris off
    the tile and adjacent
    pool deck
  • It's eco friendly
  • Once the tile is clean
    and dry we apply a
    protective sealant. This
    will help the water to
    bead up and run off like
    wax does for a car.
  • We vacuum the media
    from the pool.
  • Any material suspended
    in the water will filter out
    or dissolve within 24 hrs.
  • Since the minerals are  
    water soluble it does not
    damage pumps or filters
    or sweepers like beads
  • Imagine what hard glass
    beads can do to your
    pool sweep and pump

*MOH is a hardness scale
1=talc 10=diamond)
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  • "How long will the tile
    stay clean?" That is
    something we have no
    control over. If the water
    is high in calcium and/or
    total dissolved solids, if
    you are in a dry/windy
    climate, the deposits will
    reappear.   We can teach
    you how to keep it clean
    once we remove the
    heavy deposits or we
    offer annual service
    where needed.
  • "Do glass beads
    actually cause damage
    to my tile"?....Yes, in the
    hands of a experienced
    professional the damage
    is minimal, but always
    present. If you look
    closely you will see tiny
    pits in the surface which
    make it easier for calcium
    to deposit again. Glass
    beads were invented to
    remove paint and rust
    from steel surfaces and
    make a "tooth" for paint to
  • "Will your process
    damage my tile"?..... No
    The media we use is
    softer than the tile glaze.
    There is never any
  • "Do you use muriatic
    acid or chemicals to
    clean my tile"?.... No
    Our media is safe for
    pets, plants, people, pool
    and environment.
  • "Will your media
    change the pH in my
    pool"?..... No it is
    neutral and water
    soluble no damage to
    your pumps, filters or
  • "Do you have to drain
    my pool"? No...we try to
    conserve water, we
    remove only enough to
    expose the dirty tile.
  • "How does your price
    compare"? We charge
    the same as other
    methods. Price is
    determined by the
    amount of work Not by
    linear ft.
  • "Will your product
    remove calcium
    deposits from my
    untreated natural rock,
    swimming pool?...I
    have used muriatic
    acid, hydrochloric acid
    and pumice stone with
    moderate results"....
    Yes, we can easily
    without harmful chemicals.

  • "Does this process
    work on Brick"? ....
    Sure. we can remove
    deposits, not stains